Vanish - Spider Vein Cream


Fifty percent of adult females develop spider veins which are small, thin veins lying close to the skin’s surface,webbing in groups and radiating from a central point. These veins appear on the lower legs, thighs and face. M’lis VANISH Spider Vein Cream was formulated by Holistic Vascular Surgeons. This breathrough formula contains vitamins and organic botanical extracts to visually diminish spider veins. Clinical studies show a 90% success rate. VANISH is also effective for treating dark under-eye circles.

Helps To: • Visually diminish spider veins, telangictasia and rosacea • Improve appearance of bruises, helps heal faster through absorption • Strengthen capillaries, enhance coagulation and assist in healing weakened tissues
Concentrated Formula Contains: • Vitamin K:  Helps to strengthen capillary walls, as well as assist in blood absorption • Macadamia Oil: A fatty acid which nourishes and is a carrier of other ingredients • Avocado Oil: Works to mobilize and increase collagen in connective tissue in addition to fighting bacteria • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Helps maintain healthy connective tissue while working as an antiinflammatory aid • Chamomile Extract: Constricts capillary walls also works to fight inflammation while providing anti-septic properties

Suggested Use:  Massage cream into affected areas twice a day.  Results will vary depending on age of veins, elasticity, skin’s thickness, pH balance and skin type.  In most cases, one will see results in 3-4 weeks.
Sizes Available:  1.75 fl oz