Lighten - Complex Serum


A superior skin lightening product with the ability to suppress pigmentation. M’lis LIGHTEN uses Kojic Acid, an all natural skin lightener derived from Japanese mushrooms. Most skin lightening products contain                   hydroquinone, a synthetic skin-bleaching ingredient. Because of stability issues and safety concerns with   hydroquinone, the M’lis Company does not utilize this.  M’lis has formulated a lightening serum that  impedes the conversion of tyrosine into melanin, lightening skin from the inside-out rather than with a chemical skin bleach.

Helps To: • Even the tone of the skin by lightening discolorations (freckles, age and liver spots, uneven pigmentation and scarring)  • Inhibit the buildup of dark pigment by deeply penetrating the skin

Concentrated Formula Contains: • Vitamin A:  Promotes cell turnover, improves skin texture and firmness, and helps to fade and prevent discolorations • Allantoin:  A natural botanical extract which heals and sooths the skin while working to calm irritation and stimulate new tissue growth • Vitamin E:  Helps maintain healthy connective tissue while working as an anti-inflammatory aid • Kojic Acid:  A skin-lightening agent derived from Japanese mushrooms • Lactic Acid:  A powerful agent shown to provide improvement in fine wrinkling and smoothing lines

Suggested Use:  Apply to problem areas twice daily for 4-6 weeks.
Sizes Available:   1 fl oz