DHEA/Yam - Progesterone Cream


A transdermal cream formulated with natural ingredients and hormone precursors to help maintain a balance of estrogen and testosterone in the body. When an imbalance is experienced, especially during menopause, it is often treated with synthetic hormones that have been shown to increase the risk of many serious health issues. The body has the ability to achieve its own balance when supplied with precursors and nutritional   support. M’lis WILD YAM CREAM is a topical treatment that provides these key precursors when applied to the soft tissue areas of the body (neck, chest, stomach, and inside of arms and thighs). Progesterone combined with Wild Yam Extract assist in the ultimate formation and balance of progesterone in the body. WILD YAM CREAM can be used alone or as an essential tool in the M’lis Hormone Balancing Program.

Helps To: • Relieve night sweats and hot-flashes • Balance estrogen and testosterone • Provide relief from menopausal symptoms

Concentrated Formula Contains: • Mexican Wild Yam:  Helps to balance estrogen and testosterone hormones • DHEA:  The most dominant hormone in the body and is know as the mother hormone or anti-aging hormone which is used for managing fatigue and immune disorders

Suggested Use:  The hormone balancing cream is a trans-dermal skin supplement.  It is absorbed quickly and is transported to areas of need. Apply 1/4 tsp. daily to a soft skin area of the body (neck, chest, stomach and the inside of arms and thighs.) Rotate area of application for maximum results.  For best results, combine with M’lis DHEA internal supplement.
Size Available:  1.75 fl oz