Daily Essentials


M’lis DAILY ESSENTIALS convenient grab-and-go packs contain 6 supplements of the highest quality      vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These are a must have for anyone balancing great health and a busy life! The combination of supplements is designed to address deficiencies that many people experience from improper nutrition and/or inability of the body to absorb the vital nutrients provided through a normal diet. Taking Daily Essentials helps to ensure that the body is receiving a consistent balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which help to reduce the risks of disease, maintain optimal health and improve the body’s ability to live longer and stronger.


This FISH OIL supplement is used in the M’lis  DAILY ESSENTIALS kit and is derived from wild caught fish. Mercury free, each individual capsule contains high levels of both EPA and DHA - two of the most beneficial types of Omega-3 fatty acids.  EPA’s and DHA play a very positive role in your health. When made available to your body, EPA and DHA are incorporated into the cells in your body to keep them healthy and functioning at their optimal level. 
Features and Benefits:
• Boost levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower the levels of triglycerides • Aid in healthy aging • Lower weight without dieting • Increase bone and joint health • Assist in cognitive function • Increase the health of the eyes, nails and skin • Promote healthy pregnancies and developing children • Improve mental health
Concentrated Formula Contains:
• Anchovy, Mackerel, Sardine Omega -3 fatty acids EPA 647 mg & DHA 253 mg Omega - 6 Omega - 9


Unlike antacid or press tab sources of calcium, M’lis CALCIUM is packaged in a soluble liquid gel form which allows it to be more easily absorbed by the body.  Each capsule contains 500 mg of calcium and when taken as directed,  it provides the necessary 1000-2000 mg of calcium each day. It is free from yeast, corn, wheat, milk, sugar, starch, preservatives, and artificial colors.
Features and Benefits:
• Increases bone strength and cardiovascular health • Prevents osteoporosis, muscle pains, insomnia, hyperactivity, menstrual cramps and blood clotting problems
Concentrated Formula Contains:
• Calcium- Helps eliminate muscle pains, cramps, twitches, and tight muscles as well as lessens menstrual cramp pain, alleviates blood clotting problems, reduces nervousness and hyperactivity, and helps eliminate insomnia, stops bone and teeth demineralization • Vitamin D- Aids in preventing colds, helps in treatment of conjunctivitis, properly utilizes calcium and phosphorous necessary for strong bones


M’lis VITAL contains Astaxanthin, a super anti-oxidant carotenoid that offers protection to cells and has functional effects on muscle and nerve physiology. Comprehensive studies find astaxanthin to be ten times as effective as beta-carotene and many times more effective than Vitamin E, making VITAL a powerful tool in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease.
Features and Benefits:
• Super anti-oxidant with astaxanthin • Many times more effective than beta carotene • Most potent antioxidant available • Helps protect from damage by free radicals
Concentrated Formula Contains:
• Vitamin C: Fights free radical damage, enhances body’s resistance to disease • Gingko Biloba: Protects central nervous system and cardiovascular system against negative effects of aging • Red Raspberry Extract: Helps fight damaging cells and is anti-carcinogenic, also protects against heart disease and age-related mental decline • Green Tea Extract: Rich in polyphenols which are anti-carcinogenic, contains EGCG which fight against degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s and heart disease • Astaxanthin: Protects from oxidation of fatty acids, protects from UV light effects, encourages pro vitamin activity


M’lis ENZYME provides a blend of natural digestive enzymes to supplement those provided by foods and the body itself. Taken with each meal, ENZYME is a preventive tool, assisting digestion, alleviating gastrointestinal discomfort and restoring energy to the body to improve overall health.
Features and Benefits:
• Determines the absorption of nutrients • Helps the body break down and absorb food, preventing gas • Restores natural energy • Reduce allergies and arthritis • Promotes weight control
Concentrated Formula Contains:
• Protease - Digests proteins into their individual amino acids • Amylase- Digests carbohydrates, starches and sugars • Lipase- Digests fats and oils, promotes cardiovascular health, assists with weight control • Lactase- Digests lactose • Dandelion- Promotes the secretion of bile in the upper intestinal tract, blood purifier, antioxidant • Omega 3 Fatty Acids- Helps reduce the possibility of cardiovascular disease • Garlic- Helps alleviate gastrointestinal distress


M’lis DAILY is the perfect combination of essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body.  DAILY utilizes the process of chelation, which binds minerals with amino acids making assimilation by the body much more efficient than comparable supplements. 
Features and Benefits:
• Increased balanced nutrition • Increased vitality and energy • Maintain regulated metabolism
Concentrated Formula Contains:
• Alfalfa • Lecithin • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) • Biotin • Manganese Chelate • Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) • Calcium Chelate • Pantothenic Acid • Vitamin D (fish liver oil) • Chromium • Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) • Vitamin E (d-alpha tocoheryl) • Citrus Bioflavonoids, • Phosphorus • Zinc • Folic Acid • Rose Hips • Ginko Biloba • Rosemary • Ginseng • Rutin • Grape Seed • Selenium • Hesperidin Bioflavonoids • Vitamin A (fish liver oil) • Iodine • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) • Inositol • Iron Chelate • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) • Kelp • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Studies have shown that adequate amounts of vitamin D in the body can decrease the risk of diseases, such as osteoporosis, depression, Alzheimer’s and many others. M’lis VITAMIN D, comes in an easily absorbed liquid gel form, and offers many health benefits.   
Features and Benefits:
• Bone strengthening • Lower risk of disease and infection • Immune boosting • Decrease cognitive decline with aging
Concentrated Formula Contains:
• VITAMIN D3 (Cholecalciferol) :  The most potent form of supplemental vitamin D. 1000 IU per day • provides enough vitamin D to rectify most deficiencies and supply the body with optimal levels of this beneficial immune-boosting nutrient.