Cleanse - Intestinal Cleanser


M’lis CLEANSE is part of a complete Detoxification program.   This program temporarily replaces a normal diet of solid food, utilizing liquid food and cleansing supplements to detoxify the bodies system. It is an herbal bowel tonic that breaks down encrustation of waste for removal from the colon as part of a complete Detoxification program.  Also can be used alone to aid in waste elimination.

Helps To:
• Break down hard encrustation of waste • Remove parasites and worms within the body • Restore the peristaltic action of the colon • Act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant for joints and the gastro-intestinal tract • Lubricate the intestinal tract • Relieve gas and pains in the bowels • Improve the function of the stomach and liver

Concentrated Formula Contains:
• Cascara Sagrada Bark: Safe tonic-laxative herb, can be used daily and is non habit forming    • Cloves: Increases circulation, improves digestion, reduces pain signals to the brain • Ginger Root: Eliminates and counteracts the formation of mucus, taken to relieve gas and severe pains in the bowels, destroys parasites in the digestive system, increases energy, stimulates circulation

Suggested Use:  2 -3 capsule twice daily

Sizes Available:   90 Capsules