Wellness Programs

M'lis Customized Wellness Program

Customized 30-60 Day Programs Include: Consultation/ health screening, Full 30-60 day supplementation, body contouring wraps, Body composition assessment, Wellness guide, and Weekly coaching.

Call to schedule your consultation and screening, we will determine which program is right for you.

Wellness/Basic Detoxification Designed for individuals in overall good health that do not screen for a specific health program, the Wellness/Basic Detoxification program brings about rejuvenation as it helps the body's systems to function at the highest possible level. Peristaltic action to the sluggish colon is restored and energy levels are increased. This program is also beneficial for those who have completed another program and would like to maintain the results.

Weight Loss Program was developed with the help of doctors, nutritionists and formulators to get to the root of the weight problem – a toxic body.  Because this is a lifestyle program, excess weight is lost and healthy weight is maintained. Learn how simple it can be to regulate weight naturally while eliminating cravings, increasing energy and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Arthritis Program Allergies and viruses that collect in the tissues of the body, specifically the joints, frequently cause arthritis. This negatively alters the proper functioning of the body. The Arthritis Program works to halt further degeneration by improving immune function and removing toxins. The strength that results from this process also assists the body in restoring normal function.

Candida Eradication Program The body naturally maintains a friendly yeast/bacteria balance. However, when intestinal toxins upset this balance, yeast colonizes and becomes destructive.  The Candida Eradication Program addresses this overgrowth of yeast that affects millions of people.  This is done by effectively balancing yeast and bacteria, but also provides necessary immunity to keep the body in balance permanently.

Hormone Balance Program Hormones play an active role in overall health and wellbeing.  Specific hormones address bacterial and viral infections while others regulate digestion, blood flow, body tension and stress. Conventional methods utilize drugs and chemicals. The Hormone Balance Program is the most complete hormone stabilizer ever formulated for both men and women.  It is a safe natural remedy that not only addresses symptoms of Menopause and PMS but also helps maintain hormone balance throughout life.

Fibromyalgia Program The Fibromyalgia Program is specifically designed to eradicate the virus that has led to Fibromyalgia. This immune-boosting program relieves the symptoms of FMS within a couple of months. A natural approach is taken, helping the body to heal itself rather than suppressing the symptoms with traditional prescription medication.

High Blood Pressure Program, Common Illness Program, Certain Cancer Program, Acne Program, Skin Condition Program, Pre Natal Program, Celiac Program, Blood Sugar Program, Auto Immune Program, Dementia/Alzheimer's

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