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Q: How long will the inch loss last/will the inches come back?

A: The inch loss is permanent as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained

Q: What ingredient causes the inch loss?

A: Niacin. Otherwise known as Vitamin B3. This stimulates lymphatic and circulatory flow in the

body. This assists in waste removal.

Q: How long should I wait to shower after performing the wrap?

A: It is recommended one wait 6-8 hours. There is potential to lose up to another 1⁄2 inch in this


Q: How can I maximize the inch loss of this wrap?

A: Drink lots of water before and after. You can safely drink half your body weight in ounces of

water a day. This will assist in waste removal. Use the MAINTAIN lotion every day after a bath

or shower. Use the BUFF body exfoliator prior to the wrap cream, as well as a minimum of 3

times a week while bathing. CELL-U-RID may be added to one's daily regime, to soften

cellulite and increase toxin elimination during wraps.

Q: Is this a water loss wrap?

A: No, this is not. Because of the nature of the cream, it actually assists hydration.

Q: Could someone have an allergic reaction to the cream?

A: Yes, if you have an overabundance of niacin stored in the body you may have a reaction; also

if you have sensitivity towards cinnamon.

Q: What happens if a reaction occurs?

A: The skin may become itchy or red. This is very temporary. If discomfort continues, one may

take an antihistamine, or soak in a baking soda bath.

Q: Should I sweat during the wrap?

A: It is not recommended that the body become overly hot while wrapped. Sweating is not

recommended. It is recommended that the body is warm. This will assist in absorption.

Alternately, if one is too cold it will close off the pores and not allow for proper penetration of

the cream.

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